Venus di Milo gets a Under Armour Makeover

Cutting through the aisles of apparel on the way back to the office, the morning was going like a typical Tuesday. I admit, walking pass the racks, I fight the urge to straighten the shirt out of place, the piece of kids clothing stuck on the front of a women’s rack. But, alas, I give them that quick glance like a mother watching her kids out of the corner of her eye and keep heading for the office.

That’s when I saw them. The short that makes you, in a good way, think of why you shouldn’t look directly at the sun. Ok, not quite that much, but I did stop in my tracks to give them a good look.

These are something special. Bling meets running, with a pinch of tangerine (yes, tangerine is your friend this year.) Thank you, Under Armour.


Under Armour Printed Escape 3” Short and Victory Tank

What would you pair it with? The minimalist in me says tank. It goes with everything. The fashionistas can layer their tanks for style and the road warriors can pair it down to one. The victory tank is a solid choice- it is the marriage of practicality and classic styling. “Strategic mesh vent zones built into key points where the body dumps heat, keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable,” says Under Armour about the tank. Staying dry, practical. Racerback tank, classic.

As a certain poet said, “Nothing Gold can Stay,” so you better check these out.


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