What’s New in the Brooks Ghost 14?

As a competitive runner of 8 years, including time running at the collegiate level, I’m always looking for the best products to power me forward and get me through a tough week of training. I’ve been a huge fan of the Brooks Ghost shoes for multiple years and do not plan on ever switching models again. (Can you tell I’m obsessed?!) The highly anticipated Brooks Ghost 14 just arrived in our stores- here’s a breakdown of what kind of running shoe the Ghost is and three improvements that Brooks has made to this popular model.

I call the Brooks Ghost the “goldilocks” shoe because it is just right- it’s lightweight without compromising on cushion and it has a perfect blend between firm springiness and soft cushioning in its foam. The Ghost is considered a “neutral” shoe, which means it does not have any added support to prevent pronation or supination. (This basically means it is softer, but does not prevent your natural level your ankles may turn in or out!) All in all, it’s just your basic, great running shoe that fits all kinds of different feet perfectly!

I have currently been running around 15-20 miles a week in the Ghost 13 and adore them, so I could not wait to try on the new 14s. It did not disappoint! Here are a few of the many amazing improvements Brooks made:

More DNA Loft Cushioning (yay!)
A couple years ago, Brooks introduced the DNA cushioning line. This started out in models such as the Levitate and Bedlam with DNA AMP foam, which gave the shoe a moldable yet springier ride perfect for road running. The DNA Loft foam, on the other hand, takes a new angle on this cushioning system and makes it a bit softer. So, now, instead of having a blend of two different types of foam, the entire cushioning system of the shoe is this amazing DNA Loft foam!

What does this mean for us? The DNA Loft foam is meant to mold perfectly to your foot once you break it in after a few miles. Also, it gives the Ghost more of an energized feel, which means it will give you a little bit more pep in your step on your runs and walks. (Which you can never get enough of!) I noticed that, compared to my 13’s, the Ghost 14 was definitely springier and had a higher energy return. I cannot wait to log more road miles in this new cushioning system!

Adjusted Upper Materials
Much like its predecessor evolved to have more breathable and lightweight materials, the Ghost 14 continued this trend and improved those same qualities while adding new improvements overall. The Ghost 14 is just the second model in the series to feature a 3D-printed upper as they continue to build on the “mold-to-your-specific-foot” technology.This means that the shoe is contoured to fit our feet perfectly- not too snug, not too loose.

When I put the shoe on, I noticed that the materials definitely felt lighter but hugged my foot so perfectly in a way it never had before. I enjoyed the feeling of being a little bit more secured in the shoe without feeling like it was smothering my foot. (I struggle finding shoes for my wide feet so this can definitely be an issue for me!) I definitely think these shoes will allow me to have an even lighter, more streamlined experience (which I didn’t think would be possible!

Smoother Transitions
While the Ghost 14 does have the same heel-to-toe-drop as its predecessor, the ride of the 14 is much improved. Brooks made the transition from heel to toe much more subtle than the 13, which makes this movement easier for runners and walkers alike. Brooks achieves this by utilizing their Segmented Crash Pad, making it softer and more connected to the rest of the shoe.

I noticed a major difference in moving from heel-to-toe in the 14s versus my 13s. While it was not fully similar to other shoes I’ve tried with a much larger heel-to-toe drop meant for an elite level of heel-to-toe turnover, such as the Nike Zoom Fly or the Asics Glideride, it was a perfectly subtle addition that improves the running and walking experience. I definitely love that they’ve made this a little more defined without compromising the integrity of the shoe so I can get more turnover in my favorite shoes without having it roll as much as shoes I would race in.

All in all, the Brooks Ghost 14 is definitely a shoe you need to try if you’ve never run in a Ghost before, or upgrade to if you currently run in them. You can check these shoes out at your four friendly Sport Seasons locations or online at sport-seasons.com.

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