When to Replace Your Running Shoes Advice and Device

Q: Name something runner’s hate to do but know is in their best interest?

A: Retiring a good pair of running shoes.

The consensus in the running world is 400 to 600 miles, but it can be less or more from any given shoe. There is such a range of wear because no runner will get exactly the same use out of a pair of shoes compared to the next guy. Here are the main reasons why:

The Milestone Pod Tracks the Life of Your Shoe and Can Store Emergency Information
  • Weight-Fact of nature, the smaller, the less impact on the shoe verses a heavier runner, more impact on the outsole.
  • Body Mechanics– How hard do you hit the pavement? Good running form may allow you to get a little more out of a shoe.
  • Shoes are made of different materials-“Hard rubber outsoles last longer than blown rubber outsoles. Polyurethane midsoles (rare due to weight and manufacturing issues) are generally more durable than the more common molded EVA midsoles.” *


Some experts recommend making a log or writing in or on the shoe the date you started in it for keeping track. A new device makes it easier, the Milestone Pod, keeps track of miles so you can avoid injury.

Runners often know when their shoes are “blown”. They may have telltale signs of pain when they run in their shins or post-run. Its best to avoid injury instead of courting it trying to wring the last of it’s wear life out of the shoe.


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