Who Do You Run For- a Sport Seasons Contest


In celebration of  the Komen Greater Nashville Race for the Cure, Sport Seasons is asking you “Who Do You Run For?”

Sport Seasons is giving away a $100 gift card to the winning entry to our “Who Do You Run For”  Contest. Let us know who you are running for, and we’ll select a random winner for our entries. No Purchase Necessary.

With the color pink everywhere, breast cancer awareness and research takes center stage in the month of October. We here at Sport Seasons are glad to see our community embrace the causes championed in these races. Cancer effects us all, and we encourage all of you to either attend, volunteer, or support a local race.


Submit your entry to WeCare@Sport-Seasons.com. We will be drawing the first of November. Good Luck!



Update 10/19/2012

We have an couple of entries who are inspiring us today!

Clifton Kaiser says, “I’m running for my aunt Diana, who passed away in 1981 from breast cancer!”


This was shared with us from RaShawn!

Hi Sport-Seasons,

My name is RaShawn Perry and I am a current junior in high school at Ezell Harding Christian Academy in Antioch, Tennessee. When it comes to the celebration of the Komen Greater Nashville Race for the Cure, I run for my late great-grandmother Jessie Mae Finley. My great-grandmother is a memorable person who I will always admire. With her strong will and strength she was able to battle cancer for years . I remember looking up the word cancer in the dictionary when I was elementary school and I learned that cancer is an out of control disease that attacks the human body. Even though my great-grandmother Jessie was able control this cancerous disease for years, the disease eventually went of out control and took her life. With the aid of chemotherapy and a good doctor, I thought she was going to be okay. Because I was so young when I heard about cancer and its impact on my great-grandmother, I never knew how big it was until I got in high school. With organizations like “Race for the Cure,” all people are able to come together to promote awareness about this disease. Every year my mother and I walk in honor of my grandmother in downtown Nashville. I hope to reach out to other family members to join us for the celebration of our Jessie’s battle with breast cancer while promoting a cause that change the world.

Craig Tipps- Runs for more than one person:

Breast cancer has been a very dominating force for the women in my family! So I run for several people, and those people are my late late grandmother who passed away from
Breast cancer in 1992, I’m also running for my late aunt Laura, who lost her battle 3 years ago to breast cancer after going through 3 battles of it and lastly im running for my aunt Sandra who so far has beaten breast cancer and is currently in remission right now! But I’ll also run for those I dont even know and keep them in my mind as I run! Thanks


And this one including from Kim. She runs for her cousin Sharon. Love the graphic. Thanks Kim!


Update 10/22/2012

Shane shared this touching entry with us:

“I run for my daughters, who I hope will never have to suffer from cancer.”


Update 10/30/2012

Our final submission came in just yesterday from Nancy. She has faced breast cancer in many ways:

I run for my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer and later died of pancreatic cancer.
I am running for myself – I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 and have been cancer free for 14 years.
I am running for my sister Flo who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. She was with me for all 6 chemo treatments in 1999 even though she had to drive 200 miles from Memphis each time to be with me.
I am running for Boo lynch, who was my mentor who helped me through my breast cancer but died of breast cancer in 2001.

As you can see breast cancer has touched my life in many ways and I am running for a cure so no one else has to go through this, especially my daughter Ellen and granddaughter Kate.

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