Why is Banded™ Better? Banded™ Headbands

How am I going to wear my hair today? That question faces women whether they consciously think about it or not. There is no end to hair accessories one can choose from because of that. But what if you could provide three meals to a child who needs them with the simple choice of a headband?

That is what Banded™, the No Slip Headband does:  Buy a great headband, and help people in need. They strive to meet a guarantee not many would dare offer, your headband will stay in place and be comfortable. If not, you have 30 days to return the headband in reasonable condition. And Banded™ has partnered with Amazima Ministries to provide 3 meals to a child in Uganda sponsored by Amazima, per headband purchased.

What makes Banded™ different? Attention to detail. Banded™ headbands have a signature, patent-pending Opti-Size™ technology that allows for a great fit no matter the wearer’s size. They feature velvet backing that is key to its no-slip, staying power as well as it keeps from damaging your hair.

Banded headbands boldly states how they feel about their headbands. “Quite simply, we provide a better headband product for women than any other product on the market.”

We are proud to offer Banded™ No Slip Headbands currently in our Cool Springs Sport Seasons and Lions Head Sport Seasons store locations.

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