Will Run for Chocolate


I have to say that the Hot Chocolate 15K was overall a great race and one I will definitely do again! The weather was of course very cold and windy which made for an uncomfortable wait for the race to begin. My Feetures merino wool running socks saved my feel while I was standing still. Without them I would have been standing on two frozen feet! Thank goodness for my Nike Thermal Tech running gloves as well because I didn’t have to take my gloves off to start my music or my Nike Running App. I am battling a bad case of bronchitis and a chest cold so that did not help matters any! The race went through parts of downtown and then we headed uphill (I would much rather run down Broadway…yuck) from downtown to Centennial Park. The nice thing was that we actually lapped the park which was flat and pretty. Then much to my delight we did run back down Broadway!

It wasn’t my very best race, but good considering I wasn’t physically up to par with this lovely, manly cough I have. I finished 3rd in my age group and 9th female overall. It reminded me though how important it is to change up your running routine. I had slacked off of speed training during these cold months and I am paying for it today. What I like about races is that they push me out of my comfort zone as far as my speed. Changing your workout and challenging yourself by pushing your limits is what makes you stronger. Like they say… “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

The pullover is great that we got as our race shirt and different than anything I have ever gotten at a race. The finisher’s mug was cute, although the hot chocolate wasn’t all that hot! (I guess that is to be expected in a tent outside during 21 degree windy weather!) A 15K is a great distance for a race, I would love to see more of them come to Nashville. I will definitely do this race again next year and who knows…maybe next time it will be a little more sunny and a little less windy and cold!? I have never been so excited about running in spring weather after running through this extremely cold and gray winter! I say bring on spring!

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